The Sun Will Rise Again in Tamil Nadu

Dear Friends,

As the elections are nearing, let me reiterate our promise to the people. Time and again, we have believed in leading from the front. Initiatives like Arignar Anna Pothu Nala Mandram where hundreds of people have benefited and making their livelihood out of it is just one instance of this belief in action.

Gone are the days when the opponent party can rest on their past laurels. The people of Tamil Nadu are alert now and they demand action. The people of Tamil Nadu want strong and stable leadership, a leader ship that can be provided by Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.

We have faith in the people of Tamil Nadu. We believe that the people of Tamil Nadu will choose a stable leadership who can help the people and not make empty promises. The people of Tamil Nadu will choose progressive leadership who can help the people fulfill their dreams. Choose DMK this time to ensure progress for Tamil Nadu.

DMK Candidate, Ku.Ka Selvam to contest from Thousand lights constituency!

Ku Ka Selvam known for being a people’s leader is contesting from the 1,000 lights constituency in Chennai. He has been living in Vadapalani and Kodambakkam since his birth. Ku Ka Selvam is a true son of the city and has been serving the Chennai populace day in and day out for the past 45 years. He is well-known about the common man for his people oriented service initiatives.

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For the past 7 years, he has served in his capacity of Executive Director of Arignar Anna Pothunala Mandram, a society that aims to serve the downtrodden and uplift them. Selvam donned the mantle in 2009. In the past 4 years, 20 students have enrolled in the Mandram to equip themselves with skills needed for appearing in the UPSC and TNPSC examinations. So far, 175 students have landed themselves a job with the TN government in various capacities. On an average, around 12 lakh students appear for the group examinations every year. In such circumstances, it is laudable that the first ranking student Ms B. Saranya had been tutored by Arignar Anna Pothunala Mandram. Helping a student gain the first rank amidst such competition is no ordinary feat and this stands as testimony for the quality of instructions imparted through this institution.

The institution also imparts tuition to school students on a daily basis in the evenings. Around 80 students from grades 6 through 10 avail themselves of the free tuition facility offered by the society. In addition to this, Ku Ka Selvam has offered grants and incentive to students who have successfully cleared their Board exams.

Around 100 women are taught how to stitch garments and are offered ideas to make their own livelihood. The society also allows 15 women to use the existing stitching equipment and eke out their living. The society also encourages traditional art forms of Tamil Nadu. One such initiative is the encouragement of Tanjore Paintings, which is a dying art form in Tamil Nadu. By encouraging such rare art forms like Tanjore paintings and glass sculpting, the society strikes a balance between utility oriented schemes and cultural revival.

The society also teaches Computing from night 7 to 8 to around 30 children. On weekends, the focus is on helping students learn English and become proficient at it.

Education is just one of the focus areas of the philanthropist organization. The society conducts a free health camp every Friday and thousands have benefited over the past 7 years under Ku Ka Selvam’s eminent stewardship.

In addition to feeding the intellect, the Society also provides buttermilk from 10 AM to 12 noon for the general public. Further, the society also provides free water to people and anyone can drop in for a cool drink at any time of the day during working hours. Chennai is known for water scarcity.

The society also boasts of a gymnasium where youngsters can tone up their bodies at mornings and evenings. Last but not the least, the society’s library hosts 7,000 books in addition to subscribing to various popular English and Tamil newspapers and popular magazines.

Such yeoman measures taken by Ku Ka Selvam have won him respect and hearts from the Chennai common folk.